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Tanto Tantra is the debut novel by Mauro Sandrini, a surprising book, magical and elegant that grabs the reader from the beginning, with a shocking incipit . Here emotions are naked and flow in the first few sentences with the rawness of an abuse: a girl tells us the courage to look into the eyes of her rapist. And to serve him the cold dish of revenge. This is the first node of a mystery, thick like a good detective story.

A mystery that has its core in a Romagna’s inn (1) at the boundary between magic and homemade pasta. Simple flavors, intense aromas and convivial cuisine in a tavern that become a secret lair: an archaic world of women, where the witness of an ancient wisdom is passed from mother to daughter,  from generation to generation,  as the recipe for the pastry noodles (that is “tagliatelle” in Romagna's dialect).

And as the tagliatelle with sauce, in Tanto Tantra, the ingredients are very appetizing. Gradually we will ride through the chapters and appear ties, levitating monks, eccentric psychoanalysts, transference and kinky sex that lurks in the interstices of a parallel universe, a middle ground, where his guardian offers cups of strong italian espresso bitter and sweet, a panacea for the ills of the soul.

A visionary novel dip into imagination, a sly writing that investigates the different levels of another reality beyond us. A beautiful warp, poetic, rich in psychological characterization, microcosms where miseries and frustrations are woven together magically in search of meaning.

In this narrative space, two solitudes meet: him, locked into attitude of his intellectual insecurities, her single mother in limpid rampant career. Both are humiliated by the events but together they feel alive, sensually attracted to each other. Together, they let themselves be infected by the same surreal vision of a tibetan monk that guides them to the awareness of the self, in an initiatory path to the impenetrable mystery of Tantra and on the trail of a tibetan monastery disappeared.

A thin interlocking of events unfolds between steaming noodles, shamans and intrigues to solve, in this novel that has all the appearance of a tantric culinary detective story, deliciously written by Mauro Sandrini to the delight of its readers. You just have to read this novel, original, savoring the wonderful monologues of the characters looking for themselves, sometimes painfully, sometimes with irony.

(1) Romagna is a region located in the north of Italy between Bologna and Rimini.